The Kingdom


Jesus spoke a lot about His Kingdom and how it invades this physical realm on earth. Yet, even then, this concept of the Kingdom, what it is, how to describe it, who belongs to it, how it operates on this earth, how it relates to humanity, how it relates to the enemy, how it relates to the Beloved, and so on, can seem like a very amorphous and intangible concept. Not surprisingly, the subject matter of the Kingdom is linked tightly to the study in 1 Peter and what it means to live like an alien and stranger in this world. We belong to an entirely different kingdom that not only exists in a different realm but operates within this realm with entirely different rules and priorities.

The Lord wants His Kingdom to become so real to us and so firmly tangible that we live in this world like so few have ever lived. He wants us to understand it, grasp it, embrace it, and live in it. He wants us to see it as He sees it and enjoy it the way it is to be enjoyed.