1 Peter


1 Peter is filled with critical truths which the Spirit of God wants to cement deeply in our hearts and minds. The truths will not be new, but the Spirit wants us to own and completely possess these truths. He wants them to be to us a firm-bedrock, a solid foundation, upon which our lives and our fellowship is built.

Peter said he wrote to 1) encourage believers, and 2) assure them that what they were experiencing in their lives was truly a part of God’s grace for them. As such, he exhorted these believers to stand firm in this grace. It is clear that these believers needed a perspective shift. They were suffering, going through life’s troubles, and they did not understand why they had to continually experience such difficulty. They were seeing the events of their lives through the lens of this world and what they hoped to get out of this life. The Spirit, however, wanted them to see all things from a heavenly perspective—by fixing their eyes, minds, hearts, and souls on who they are to God and the glorious destiny that awaited them.